At the last point where science and technology reach people, people are now connecting with the world through advanced devices. Shopping at a market, renting a car, making music… everything is close enough to fit in our palms.

According to research, around 78% of the world’s population spends at least a quarter of their day using their mobile devices or laptops and desktops. They use most of this time to have fun or to discover new content.

As OPALAND, we promise people the brand new fun and profitable side of METAVERSE with the tools they use constantly. Imagine if the mobile devices you use for a few hours a day will connect you to a fun and profitable world.

In OPALAND, time is not just about time anymore. Time = time + money!



In the ecosystem we have built, you will own 4 different NFTs and OPAL mines with different properties. You can convert the OPAL stones you dig into OPAL tokens. And we will do this without exploiting the world’s energy. Along with the partnerships we have planned, you will also earn different tokens from our mines.



Challenge your opponents in mini mobile games like Ski, Football, Tennis. You will have so much fun. You will earn OPAL TOKEN with games.


Get ready for a tactical gokart race. It will be indispensable for speed and entertainment lovers


Opalive will take you to the farthest corners of the world. You will watch the concerts of your favorite musicians and bands right in the middle of the concert area.


OPAL TOKEN is the currency we developed for OPALAND. We were inspired by OPAL STONE, which has become a precious stone only in skillful hands. With a total supply of 100 million units, OPAL is a deflationary token with its limited supply, as well as the burning mechanism we developed with the OPALMINE application and OPALYMPICS games.


Total Supply: 100.000.000 OPAL

Opal-Mine : 24.000.000 (for mining program and auto-burn)

Private-Sale : 6.000.000

Devs : 11.000.000

Dex-Liquitidy : 4.500.000

Pre-sale : 10.500.000

Liquidty: 17.000.000 (locked)

Deployer: 43.000.000 (for cex listings and partnerships)

Airdrops: 1.000.000


BUY: 5



Mine opal stones with NFT miners! And convert them to OPAL TOKEN

Red Miner

* Mine Red Opal Stone

Yellow Miner

* Mine Red Opal Stone

Blue Miner

* Mine Red Opal Stone

Turquoise Miner

* Mine Red Opal Stone